Motivate Your Kids With Ease
Task N Kids is the application that makes setting and getting your kids to do tasks and chores a breeze. Using our Task feature, you can set specific or routine tasks and chores to be completed by a certain deadline.
Edit & Set Tasks
Whether you’re asking them to complete chores or do their homework, you can set which days the tasks have to be done and when they’re due, and how many points you want to reward them.

You can edit, delete, and add new tasks when your kid is ready to take on other tasks and chores!
Add New Tasks
A few popular ones we’ve seen include: brush your teeth, clean your room and help fold the washing!

When it’s completed, just mark the task or chore as completed. How simple is that? Task and chore apps don’t come much easier than this!
Complete Tasks & Earn Rewards
A few popular ones we’ve seen include: bonus screen time, buy ice cream, earn an item!

Kids earn Coins by doing their Tasks – which can be used to redeem items in the Coin Shop. If they dont have enough points for a specific item, it wont let them redeem it!